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TEC FIN AUTO organic regular - Gói 1000 hạt


TEC FIN AUTO organic regular - Gói 1000 hạt


A unique variety of cannabis sativa, which offers distinct advantages over other authorized varieties.

Variety of THC and 0.3%, certified for the EU allowed to grow unannounced to 1 aru.

Finola is a unique variety of hemp nettle, which offers distinct advantages over other varieties.

This variety was bred as a variety of nuts, and is therefore not suitable for mass use stem, but for some purposes can of course also use the stem.

Its growth is lower (depending on soil and climatic conditions) 0.7 to 1.5 meters.

The maturation period of only 90dní! Beginning of flowering dependent on the photoperiod (autostart)!

With this feature, you can plan the date of harvest and sowing can be gradual and phased harvest.

Seeds rather smaller number of larger in dense buds.

High yield seed.

With less growth harvest is (i Mechanized) easier.

Reduced, however, and the competitive ability against weeds and other crops.

Finola can be sown almost any time, if possible within the next three months to ensure enough light (the more the better) and relatively warm.

Given the important role of sunlight received by the plant can only recommend vegetece schedule for the summer and the harvest still relatively dry and warm period, which will guarantee the highest quality of the crops.

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